Apple reportedly focusing on reliability and performance in iOS 12 over new features

It may feel like iOS 11 was just released, but Apple is already
hard at work on the next version of its software. According to
report from Axios
, the next major iOS update will
focus on improving reliability and performance — areas that
Apple could certainly stand to work on — instead of flashy new

The shift in priority apparently comes from Craig Federighi,
Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, who
reportedly announced the new plan to employees earlier this
month. According to Axios, a redesigned home screen,
updates to bundled apps like Mail, and an improved
picture-taking process have all been shifted to next year’s
update. There will still be some new AR and health features in
2018, though. And
Bloomberg reports
that plans to
integrate Mac and iOS apps
together into a unified,
cross-platform apps is still on track for this year’s update,

iOS 12 might be less flashy and more functional

Apple taking a year off to refine software isn’t a new trend,
at least on the Mac side of things. Releases like Snow Leopard,
Mountain Lion, and High Sierra were all less feature-filled
updates that generally served to refine and improve on the
stability of Leopard, Lion, and Sierra, respectively. A similar
approach to iOS that focuses on fixing
some of the bugs
software issues
that have plagued the latest version of iOS
and give a more stable foundation for future releases is a good
idea, albeit one that may result in a less interesting keynote

If past patterns hold, the next version of iOS will likely be
called iOS 12, with a first preview likely come at WWDC 2018
sometime in June.

Update, January 30th, 11:20am:
Added additional details from Bloomberg regarding Apple’s iOS
12 plans.

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