Apple says new apps must support the iPhone X Super Retina display

Today, Apple informed developers that all new apps that are
submitted to the App Store must support the iPhone X’s Super
Retina display, starting this April, reports
. This decision means iOS developers will
be required to create apps that accommodate edge-to-edge and
yes, the notch. New apps must also be built with the iOS 11

Apple’s decision to include the notch has been a point of
contention for many, but it’s a design the company has
leaned into
. Over the past months since its release, it’s
become a recognizable feature for the device, helping to create
a visual identifier that sets it apart. Other companies have
even knocked off the notch, creating a whole segment of

derivative devices

Apple has not set a deadline for when existing apps must be
updated to these new guidelines, only that new apps must adhere
to them beginning in April.

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