The BlackBerry Key2 LE gives you a physical keyboard for less cash

BlackBerry’s Key2 didn’t exactly win over the world when it
came out. The best that can be said is that it’s a phone with a
physical keyboard for people who really like phones with
physical keyboards.

But that isn’t stopping BlackBerry (and TCL, which owns the
BlackBerry name and brand) from trying again with the new Key2
LE. It’s a lower-specced, cheaper version of the Key2 that
brings features like the iconic keyboard at a more affordable

Keyboard aside, the price may be the most important part. The
Key2 LE is set to cost $399 for a 32GB model, or $449 for a
64GB model. That’s dramatically less than the standard Key2’s
$649 price tag.

That discount comes at a cost, however: the Key2 LE has a
weaker processor, less RAM, worse cameras, and a smaller
battery than the Key2. So instead of the already
less-than-ideal Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, it’s a Snapdragon 636.
There’s also 4GB of RAM instead of 6GB, a 3,000mAh battery
instead of a 3,500mAh one, and the rear cameras are a dual
13-megapixel / 5-megapixel setup instead of two 12-megapixel

That said, the Key2 LE is still a perfectly respectable
midrange Android phone on paper, and the price does seem right
for what you’re getting, assuming you’re okay with the other
sacrifices that every Key2 has demanded, like the small screen.

The Key2 LE will be available next month starting at the
aforementioned $399 price. It’ll come in three colors: atomic
(red), champagne (gold / beige), and slate (black).

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