Apple’s latest government transparency report came with a slick new website

Apple has launched a slick new website
that makes it a lot easier to sort through the info it publicly
discloses about government data requests, bringing a sharp and
engaging design to a matter that had previously been handled by
a dull list of PDF links.

As spotted by MacRumors
, the new site went live
alongside Apple’s most recent data disclosure, covering the
last six months.

The new site allows you to scroll through data requests country
by country, so you can see how many requests for information
Andorra, for example, has made versus the United States. The
requests are broken down into four categories — requests
associated with specific device IDs, financial identifiers,
Apple accounts, and emergencies.

Clicking on each country takes you to a country specific
, complete with interactive graphs that feel just a
touch too whimsical for disclosing government wiretap
subpoenas. The new format is also available for older data, so
you’ll be able to see reports going back to 2013 in the more
visually appealing style, too.

Still, making it easier to go through data on a
country-by-country basis is valuable, and Apple is continues to
offer the data in its old PDF and .csv file formats, so it’s
not like we’re losing anything here. And jokes aside, making
this sort of data more accessible to customers can only be a
good thing as our phones hold more and more of our personal

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