Facebook plans to let Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp users message each other

Facebook is working to allow cross-messaging between Facebook
Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, according
to a report in The New York Times

Each service will continue to operate as a standalone app, but
according to the Times, Facebook is rebuilding the
underlying infrastructure so that people who might use only one
of Facebook’s properties could communicate with others within
the company’s ecosystem. Reportedly, all of the apps will
support end-to-end encryption as well. Facebook has yet to
provide a timeline for when this will happen.

By allowing these messaging apps to speak to one another across
platforms, Facebook is no doubt hoping that it will keep its
users more engaged and get them to use this merged system as
their primary messaging service. By doing so, the company could
also tout higher user engagement to advertisers, bumping up its
advertising arm at a time when growth has slowed down.

Facebook has the most users of any other social media platform,
and by combining its assets this way, the company could more
directly compete with Apple’s iMessage and Google’s messaging

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