Apple’s iOS 12.2 beta points to customized Downtime scheduling

A recently released developer’s beta for iOS 12.2 shows that
Apple will allow some customization for its Downtime feature.
Users will now be able to adjust the Screen Time feature to
account for days of the week, according
to 9to5Mac

Apple introduced the
feature with iOS12 last year
, which allows users to set
some imposed limits for their apps based on the time of day,
something that’s useful if they want to cut back. their usage.
The feature essentially turns off apps (you can whitelist some
essential ones, or give yourself some more time) after a
certain amount of time (say 2 hour per day) or to kick in after
a certain hour of the day (like 7PM).

A Twitter user pointed out that users will be able to customize
that schedule a bit — Apple will allow them to account for
different days during the week. You would be able to set up
limits based on the day, giving yourself more time on your
phone during the week, while cutting back even more on the
weekends, for example.

The iOS 12.2 beta has brought some other revelations for what’s
to come with the next update: a
subscription service in Apple News
, which would allow
newspapers and magazines to offer up a monthly fee, as well as
hands-free voice command
for the next generation of Apple

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