AirBuddy is a sleek Mac app for that helps you connect AirPods to your computer

Apple’s AirPods are arguably the
simplest and most seamless wireless earbuds on the market

at least for iPhone owners. That’s primarily because of the
custom W1 chip that helps them communicate with iOS devices and
establish near-instant Bluetooth connections. Yet the process
for connecting AirPods to your Mac can be notably more
annoying, often requiring a cumbersome amount of tinkering with
the Bluetooth drop-down menu and sometimes even demanding that
you turn Bluetooth off and on again to establish a link.

AirBuddy, a new
app from 9to5Mac writer and developer Guilherme Rambo,
aims to solve that problem by offering a clean and simple
one-click interface for connecting your AirPods to your Mac.
The software, available for as little as $5 (in a
pay-what-you-want model), mirrors the pop-up window you’ll see
on your iPhone when setting up the headphones and opening the
case physically near your device, but it does so when you open
the case near your Mac. From there, you can click to connect,
and you’re good to go. AirBuddy also includes a widget for your
Mac Notification Center that lets you monitor battery levels.

Now, there are a couple of other options that do essentially
the same thing. The most popular one, and the one I’ve been
using for months now, is ToothFairy, which
costs just $3 and doubles as a way to control and toggle
connections to all Bluetooth devices that are connected to your
Mac. It doesn’t have the same neat interface mirroring you get
with AirBuddy, but it does have a menu bar option that AirBuddy
lacks in its current iteration. That said, AirBuddy’s
Notification Center feature is a nice touch, and I can see the
app being just as useful to AirPods owners as ToothFairy,
especially if you don’t already own the latter app.

And Rambo, on
Twitter earlier today
, noted how he plans to build out
AirBuddy with more features, including the ability to see other
Bluetooth device connections. He says he also plans to open
source the app at some point.

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