Android Q might ship with more privacy protections

Android Q is coming, and details about the new OS are trickling
out. Earlier this week, XDA Developers
its findings about permissions in the Android Q
framework, some of which has to do with better privacy for

The most interesting permission change could involve clipboard
permissions. Right now, XDA says apps can access a
user’s clipboard and read whatever’s stored on that clipboard,
even if it’s sensitive information like usernames and
passwords. A new permission for Android Q might prevent apps
from accessing the clipboard in the background, while only
granting access to apps assigned by the OEM.

XDA also says it found code
related to facial identification
, similar to Apple’s Face
ID system. Some Android phones can use facial recognition
already, but it requires extra work to include that feature. If
Google supports it on the OS level, any phone with the correct
sensors could implement the security system.

It’s still early for this speculation, and we’re sure to hear
more as we get closer to Google’s
developer conference
. However, it makes sense that Google
would want to buckle down on privacy permissions and security.
has marketed
its privacy protections for years now, which
feels ripe for a response from Google.

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